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BBC News School Report 2018

Welcome to the 2018 BBC School Report Page

After another busy and exciting day, students in Years 7-12 have produced some interesting and unexpected news reports on things they are interested in. 

Follow the links below to learn more about Why Minecraft is THE best game, Gender Pay Inequality, CREST science award, the new Beaconsfield School uniform, Youth Crime (an interview with PCSO Gary), What's in our food (sugar and salt), several reports of healthy living and keeping fit, and a slightly tongue- in- cheek look at 999 and what people consider 'emergencies', with one or two more that just need a tweak or two to polish before sharing publically.

The students worked incredibly hard today and they should be very proud of themselves; we all owe a big thank you to four Sixth Form girls, Amber, Asha, Flo and Jenny, who were invaluable helping out today, and to all teachers who allowed students out of lessons to be interviewed, and to all staff members who agreed to be interviewed!

We hope you enjoy the features.


Youth Crime

Gender Pay Equality

Healthy Living 1


Healthy Lifestyle 2

999 and 'Emergencies'

CREST science award (see attachments)

New School Uniform at The Beaconsfield School (see attachments)