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Business GCSE

Business Studies

Syllabus: GCSE Business Studies 9-1

Course Code: OCR J204

Website: www.ocr.org.uk

Course overview

During the course we cover the basics of each function of a business and apply them to real life situations. We cover marketing, human resources management, finance, the external environment, and how to start-up a business. Students will work with case studies to further enhance their understanding of the theory and we will use regular past exam questions to prepare students for the examinations.

Course content

  • Business start-ups - how businesses are started.
  • Human Resources - recruitment, training and the role of trade unions.
  • Production - the different methods of making products.
  • External Environment - inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, unemployment, taxes.
  • Marketing - promotion, location, brands, products, setting prices, market research.


The course is divided into 2 exams at the end of Year 11. Both exams are 1hr 30 mins and each worth 50% of the course.