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Creative Media


At TBS we offer our students the opportunity to explore Creative Media at Key  Stage 4 and Key Stage 5

Media plays a huge role in all our modern lives and students, more than most. Our practical approach to this subject enables students to engage with the world they are growing up in and the power and impact Media Products have on our lives.

Students are given the opportunity to develop their analytical and creative skills when exploring different Media Sectors and Media Products. Students explore a variety of Media Products including audio, moving image, print and interactive and develop their skills in developing a digital media product of their own. Students continue developing their creative skills throughout the course as they analyse the codes and conventions of different media products and how this can have an impact on an audience.

Students have access to a variety of equipment and software to ensure their skills are developed using industry standard materials. This is partnered with industry trips and guest speakers ensuring students gain an understanding of the professional work that can be created from the skills develop in the course.



Key Stage 4

The course is a BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech award by Pearsons and is assessed over three components.

  1. Exploring Media Products. (Completed in 10 hours of supervised sessions).
  2. Developing Digital Media Production Skills. (Completed in 10 hours of supervised sessions).
  3. Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief. (Completed in 10 hours of supervised sessions).

All three Components are completed in 10 hours of supervised sessions.

Component 1 and Component 2 are assessed internally and moderated externally, and Component 3 is assessed externally.

This results in the course being 100% coursework-based assessments.

Y10 – Students complete Component 1 (assessed in December) and begin developing skills for Component 2

Y11 – Students complete Component 2 (assessed in October) and Component 3 (assessed in April)


Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5, students take their understanding and knowledge of the Media Sector and Products even further as they understand the meanings and messages of Media Products, Develop further understanding of the process of creating a Media Product and the pre-production tasks involved in this process and in creating an original piece of film fiction.

The course is a BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate award in Creative Digital Media Production by Pearsons and is assessed over four Units.

  • Unit 1. Media Representations. (2-hour examination in supervised conditions).
  • Unit 8. Responding to a Commission. (2-week preparation, 6-hour assessment in supervised conditions).
  • Unit 4. Pre-production Portfolio. (Internally assessed).
  • Unit 10. Film Production – Fiction. (Internally assessed).

Units are assessed externally and internally over the course of the two years.

Unit 1 and Unit 8 are externally assessed, whilst Unit 4 and Unit 10 are internally assessed.

Y12 – Students complete Unit 1 and Unit 8

Y13 – Students complete Unit 4 and Unit 10  


Learning Journey KS4


Learning Journey KS5