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Criminology helps us understand how and why people behave they way they do in relation to crime. Criminals and the crimes they commit are continuously changing – people are always looking for new ways to break the law. This means that your work could be dynamic and challenging, with many new research areas appearing regularly, therefore inarguably you will be part of a fundamental role in society.


At the Beaconsfield School we follow the WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology specification which will provide students with an introduction to criminal justice through a scientific study of criminal behaviour and give a context for humanities learning. It is a qualification with elements of psychology, health and social care, law and sociology so therefore complement studies in other social sciences and humanities. The curriculum is designed to offer exciting and interesting experiences that focus learning for students through applied learning. During year one of the course students will study units 1 and 2. Unit one focuses on changing awareness of crime while unit 2 covers the criminological theories behind crime.


The applied nature of the course allows students to learn in such a way that they develop skills required for independent learning and development, a range of generic and transferable skills such as critical thinking, and report writing and time management, the ability to solve problems, the skills of project-based research, development and presentation, the ability to work alongside others and the ability to apply learning in vocational contexts. Throughout the course students will be expected to work independently as reading/researching around topics areas is vital to further develop knowledge and understanding. This is encouraged through keeping up to date with the latest news and watching television documentaries. Many students do this anyway as they have a personal interest in this genre to start with. Criminology is a popular subject with the media so there is always a wealth of information to be gained from these sources and students are keen to do this in their own time.


This insight will enable students to make informed decisions about potential future career routes of which many are considered of high value to society. Criminology students have numerous different career options at their fingertips. Exciting roles include in immigration, education, law enforcement, people protection, community planning, advocacy, policing, consulting, public administration, and international development.


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