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The Beaconsfield School A specialist Arts College

Design and Technology

Within Design and Technology we aim to create independent, logical learners who seek challenges and push the boundaries of creativity.

Students achieve this through practical and academic challenges which range from graphical skills to soldering circuits and cooking meals. To ensure students leave the school with a variety of skills, each one will experience all sections of Design and Technology where they are taught by subject specialist teachers. We also have the support of technicians who engage in all aspects of the course.

The 4 sections of the department are:

  • Resistant Material - This area teaches students about timber, metal and plastic manipulation skills whilst enhancing their design creativity.
  • Textiles – Equips students with the skills of sewing, applique and printing methods to name a few.
  • Graphics – Demonstrates to students the process of graphical communication and how to use software to create Computer Aided Designs and how they can be processed into manufacture.
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition – Enables students to understand and demonstrate the skills of cooking, baking and preparation to support a healthy life style.

Students will experience all aspects of the department through a carousel time table in which students participate in 9 week projects within each area in year 7 and 8, this ensures developments in all skill areas and a cross curricular ethos.

In Year 9 students focus on 2 specialist areas of technology which is taught on a rotation throughout the year. This is in preparation for the KS4 option choices the students make.

The Department:

  • Miss R Gohel – Head of Department/Graphics / Resistant materials / Textiles technology 
  • Mrs N Hodgson - Food Preparation and Nutrition / Head of Year 7
  • Mrs A Kelly - Textiles / Graphics Technology / Teaching and learning coach
  • Mr R Hindmarch - Technician
  • Mrs  S Rouse - Technician
  • Miss V Thornes - Graphics and Textiles

The department also runs extra-curricular clubs. These are aimed to deepen student’s knowledge of the subject and expand their practical knowledge. 

 Curriculum Maps