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At TBS we embed a deep understanding of the historical past by keeping important themes and concepts at the center of our curriculum focus. This helps equip students with the necessary skills to interpret and analyse the people, events and ideas that make history a living subject with an ever-developing narrative that connects past and present. 


Students are invited to make comparisons across societies and look to use these concepts as a hinge when they access and assess primary sources. Our curriculum is designed to challenge students to stretch their understanding of how perspectives in human societies both in Britain and globally have evolved over time. Students explain these changes with supporting evidence and reflect upon the significance and diversity of human experiences. This leaves students with a rich and multifaceted understanding of various cultures. Students are challenged to give intelligent and thought-provoking answers to difficult historical questions. This in turn contributes to create informed, critically minded citizens that understand the world today as a product of lived-in past societies. Our goal at TBS is for our students to carry these skills and knowledge to make informed, positive contributions to any aspect of modern public life. 


Year 10 Assessment Point 1 - 2022



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