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Computing Key Stage 3

In an ever evolving technological world digital literacy is becoming everything. Our aim is to ensure students have a solid and safe foundation in information and computer technology. We achieve this through our schemes of work covering a range of topics in KS3.


Computing in this year is focused on allowing students to understand and access the technology that surrounds them in their daily lives. As all students have a device it is important they understand how to use the internet safely alongside accessing the school network as an initial step.

 Topics include:

Network Introduction


How Computers Work

Computational Thinking

Data Representation


Website Design

 Year 8:

Computing aims to further develop students’ skills in the concepts of Modern ICT. There is a greater focus on how ICT exists in the modern world and we aim to develop the students’ skills in being able to produce excellent examples of work that strive towards professional standards.

Topics Include:

Cyber Security

Flow charts

Computing Systems

Digital Graphics

Website Design


Boolean Logic

Developing for the web

In year 9 ICT becomes a supporting topic fed through other lessons. Examples of this will show through the use of softwares such as: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Techsoft Design V2, Tinkercad with 3D printing, Microsoft Suite and a 6th form run coding club.

 Personalised Learning Checklists