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Key Stage 3 French & Spanish

Key Stage 3 French and Spanish 2022-2023

Year 7

In year 7 students now have the opportunity to study 2 languages on entry to The Beaconsfield School. All students will study French and Spanish during Year 7. Students will study one language for half the year and then swap at a half-way point in late January and study their 2nd language. They will follow the Dynamo course in French and the Viva course in Spanish. We hope that this will allow all students to experience both languages, before deciding which language they would prefer to continue with in Year 8.

7Bussell                1st Language French/2nd Language Spanish

7Hockney            1st Language French/2nd Language Spanish

7 Mackingtosh   1st Language Spanish/ 2nd Language French

7 McCartney      1st Language Spanish/2nd Language French

7Rowling              1st Language Spanish/2nd Language French


Year 8

In year 8 students continue with one of the languages they have studied in Year 7. They will be taught in their mentor groups. They study a variety of topics. The current year 8s will be following the Dynamo 2 course and Spanish the Viva 2 course.


Year 9

In year 9 students follow the Dynamo 3 and Viva 3 courses in French and Spanish. There are 3 sets for Spanish and 2 sets for French. Students may go up and down depending on progress and attainment. The aim of year 9, is to prepare students for GCSE. It is expected that all students in top sets will take a language, however many more students will opt to take a language for GCSE as students have the choice to take foundation level or higher level for languages. The foundation tier gives them the opportunity to obtain up to a Grade 5. The higher tier runs from the top grade of 9 down to a 3.

A selection of topics taught at KS3 are as follows:

Leisure Activities

Family Life



Customs and festivals

Jobs and Future plans

Personalised Learning Checklists

French Year 7

 French Year 8

 French Year 9

 Spanish Year 7

 Spanish Year 8

 Spanish Year 9