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The Beaconsfield School A specialist Arts College

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 allows students to experiment and explore drama by learning many different techniques and skills.

They study a range of different scripts from Shakespeare to modern day playwrights like Ben Zephaniah. Students have the opportunity to see the advantages of using lighting and to learn different design elements. Students’ are thrown in “The Pit” and learn GCSE level work and have 4 written and 4 practical assessments a year to check their progress.

Students in Year 7 enjoy half a term of establishing leadership and team work skills alongside learning the basic drama techniques to help them progress throughout the year. They study scripts work and learn how to create their own performances. They learn how to create an atmosphere and evoke emotion in their audience.

Students in Year 8 learn different styles of theatre and how to manipulate the space in different ways. They build on their confidence and communication skills. Discussion and debate is used frequently particularly when studying issue based dramas or looking into and discussing contemporary issues. They look into reinventing Shakespeare for a modern audience and finish the year, learning how to be funny in Commedia Del Arte.

Students in Year 9 should be confident with all drama techniques. They learn about the history of Drama, script work and practitioners. We finish the year with an independent Theatre in Education project that tests their skills and fully prepare them for Key Stage 4.