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Key Stage 4 RS

Religious Studies

Syllabus: GCSE Religious Studies

Exam Board: OCR 

Website: http://www.ocr.org.uk/qualifications/gcse-religious-studies-j625-j125-from-2016/

Course overview:

Modern and engaging – students can gain a deeper understanding of two religions, and explore philosophy and ethical studies in the modern world.

Designed to inspire – the course includes exciting content that explores relationships and families, peace and conflict, belief in God and non-religious belief.

Skills for today’s world – Religious Studies can open up the possibility of in-depth debate, which leads to critical evaluation and analysis.

This course could take you towards a number of careers, including working in the police or as a counsellor, social worker, nurse, youth worker, teacher, lawyer, journalist or philosopher, in organisations such as Amnesty International, or in any career that requires an understanding of people.

Course Content

  • Beliefs and teachings & practices.  You will study two religions: Christianity and Islam.
  • Religion, philosophy and ethics in the modern world from religious perspectives.  Here you will study four themes:
  • Relationships and families
  • The existence of God, gods, and the ultimate reality
  • Religion, ,peace and conflict
  • Dialogue between religious and non – religious beliefs and attitudes.


Assessment is by written examination comprising of three examinations. 

Two examinations are 1 hour long and both are worth 25% of the overall grade.  These will cover ‘Beliefs and teachings & practices’. 

The other examination is 2 hours long and is worth 50% of the grade.  This will cover the ‘Religion, philosophy and ethics in the modern world’ unit.


Set on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to watch relevant TV and films relating to the topics covered in the course. Exam style questions will also be set to research and practise exam technique.


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Key Stage 4 Learning Journey