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Online Safety


The Online Safety Umbrella

The term Online Safety has become a catchall which is not entirely helpful! This page aims to provide you with more focussed guidance.

The internet is one of the most influential things in a modern student's life. Through it, they stay in touch with their friends, keep up with news and sports, as well as watching a glut of YouTube content.

For some, gaming is the big draw and regardless of which platform it is on, provides entertainment, education and much needed downtime. Be aware, excessive or compulsive gaming can often lead to an addiction to online gambling.

But as with all things, there is both good and bad. For the most part, for the majority of The Beaconsfield School’s students, these devices and electronic media are being used reasonably and not causing major issues.

Good Online Safety practice is a partnership. The aim is to encourage sensible use, as draconian and dictatorial messages are not always useful. It is not empowering and leads to students hiding things, which is the last thing we want if something goes wrong.  Likewise, students must realise that they have a responsibility in all of this to do the right thing and that if they choose to cause problems, then consequences will have to follow.

In school, we have many interventions around this subject, delivered through PSHE, assemblies, mentor activities and Computing. But it takes more than just this. Students often compartmentalise, or believe bad things won't happen to them, so the dialogue on this issue needs to be given on a regular basis, not just a 'one off' discussion.

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