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Please go to our peoples Fundraising page to donate:


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The Beaconsfield School run a school EXTRA donation facility to raise funds for the development of the school's facilities and the lives of our students within school.

The EXTRA Fund runs every academic year to raise income for projects of immediate need around the school. The projects funded will enhance and broaden the life and educational experience of students at The Beaconsfield School.

If all parents in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 were to donate just £2.50 per month to the school, the price of two bottles of water, it would raise an amazing £22,500 in one year! That is equivalent to a new minibus.

Donation per month Number of KS3 and KS4 students Possible Amount Raised in an academic year.
£2.50 750 £22,500
£5.00 750 £45,000
£7.50 750 £67,500
£10.00 750 £90,000
£12.50 750 112,500

We welcome support from all parties: parents, grandparents, ex pupils, governors, trusts and companies. All support is greatly valued no matter what the gift.

You can choose either to give a one-off donation or make a regular contribution by completing the attached form below.

As part of this scheme, the school receives 25% of the total raised from HM Revenue and Customs, if you complete the Gift Aid Declaration for those who pay UK tax.

For more information please contact finance@beaconsfield.school or call 01494 683993 or donate online now peoplesfundraising.



A simple way to help – we all end up with small coins floating around in our purses, on the sideboard at home or perhaps you have a jar you collect your spare change in. Each mentor group has a bottle in their classroom they fill with spare change and last year we raised nearly £1000 by doing this. Please help us smash this total this year.