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Resistant Materials

Key Stage 3

The aim of resistant materials in Key Stage 3 is for students to develop a base of skills in which they can adapt and enhance throughout each year. Students learn how to create quality products using a range of materials, tools and machinery.

  • In Year 7 students create an African mask, the aim of this project is for students to gain an understanding of softwood and grain direction, identifying the correct tool and technique for each process. Here students will learn sawing, filing, using the pillar drill and varnishing; and how they can be adapted to suit other projects.
  • In Year 8 students will make a moneybox and an electrical circuit badge. The aim of these projects are for students to gain an understanding of MDF, Hardboard and simple circuit building. They will identifying the correct tools and technique for each processes. They will understand the importance of a high quality product and the manufacturing requirement which go into achieving this. 
  • In year 9 we begin to cover specialist skills to ensure students are prepared for the step up to GCSE. The students will understand how mechanisms are used in every day objects and design and make a range of mechanical toys. As well as this the students learn how to make lap joints and increase their skills using CAD/CAM. We also progress the students on to machinery such as the lathe and mortise machine to ensure full confidence during practices.