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Student Recognition

Rewards and celebrating success is important part of life within The Beaconsfield School, student’s success both within and outside the classroom is rewarded. Rewarding students makes them feel valued, builds confidence, and motivates them to achieve. In addition, rewarding good behaviour enables students to realise that desirable behaviour, self-discipline and responsibility to self and others is highly valued in our community.


We understand the importance of recognising, praising and rewarding our students in a way that is meaningful to them. We seek to use methods that students are motivated by and that inspire the students to achieve well. We will ensure that, regardless of ability and age all students across the school will be able to benefit from the rewards process.


Student achievements are rewarded as house points which students collect over the course of the year. They will have the opportunity to exchange these House Points for a reward from the Rewards Chart.


Each half term celebration assemblies are held for each year group to celebrate achievements and significant improvements for individuals and groups of students. Students can receive their Values certificates, and TBS Value Champion prizes as well as attendance rewards and any other achievements earnt in this half term.

Students achieve rewards for the following our Respect, Hardwork, Empathy, Responsibility and Community; this include house points for attendance, punctuality, outstanding effort, or attainment in lesson or in homework, leadership, helping or supporting at school events.