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Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism Intent

If you study Travel and Tourism at The Beaconsfield School, you will investigate the industry as a whole, looking at the employment opportunities as well as trends and factors that have affected tourism around the world.

The intent of the travel and tourism curriculum is to enable students to experience and understand the subject in such a way that it opens their eyes to the careers available and the employability skills needed to get there. Through taking responsibility for their learning, the travel and tourism curriculum will allow individuals to follow a career path and goals that they desire to investigate one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. 

Through studying BTEC Travel and Tourism, students will develop a critical understanding of the world around them both in the UK and wider afield. This will allow them to develop their persona within the wider community and create well rounded individuals.

They will build and apply various knowledge, understanding and skills to understand the workings of the travel and tourism, hospitality and events industries. Students will be hard working and will be able to critically evaluate their ideas to better their understanding of customer service. 

Students will develop an understanding of changes in the travel and tourism world, have the opportunity to empathise with the impacts on the individuals, society and the environment. They will also investigate the responsibilities of businesses in the travel and tourism industry to further progress their career aspirations.


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