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School Uniform

School Uniform September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

Re: School Uniform

We hope you have had a lovely summer and have been able to relax and recharge your batteries.  It is only a couple of weeks until we return to school to start a new academic year.  I am sure you will join with me in congratulating all the students who have completed their A Levels and GCSEs and have received their grades over the last two weeks.  We are extremely pleased with the grades the students have gained through their hard work.  There is a very simple correlation, those with good results worked hard, listened to advice and engaged in their learning in a positive way.  It is no surprise that the students who did this have done very well indeed, levels of progress in English and Maths are the highest they have ever been at GCSE and the numbers of our students going on to University is also at its highest.  The highlights can be seen on the school website. 

We look forward to seeing students return to school on Monday 5 September and we know this is the time that you will be buying new school uniform and shoes so please make sure that you purchase uniform which is acceptable.  The following link will assist you:-

Please scroll down to the tab at the bottom of the link to view our full school uniform.

Please make sure that your son/daughter is in the correct uniform as we do not want to start the school year by having to address uniform issues with individuals.

Yours faithfully

Mr J Fletcher