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The Beaconsfield Film Festival

The Beaconsfield Film Festival - two winning films were entered into the St. Albans Film Festival

Our first and hopefully annual film festival was very popular in the run up to Christmas.  Groups of students were actively planning, filming and editing their ideas nearly every day after school in December.  Entry was open to all year groups and students could choose to enter as a House team or mixed team, with house points awarded to the winning team(s).  Our judges were three former students of The Beaconsfield School: Amber Weedon, Sam Bridgeworth and Liam Butler  Although they said it was a very difficult decision, they awarded overall best film to a Year 8 team from Rowling: Lee Sandhu, Pablo Brown, Oscar Blunt, Scott Dickson, Dylan Platten and Layne Coutts, who wrote, directed and filmed a short crime drama.  Key Stage 5 winner was Dom Lennard with his animated short film and runner up went to a Year 9 team of two: Tom Morris and Arman Akther, who created an entertaining documentary film seeking 'Slenderman'.  The two winning films were entered in the St. Albans Film Festival and we are eagerly awaiting news as to their progression.

Already interest is peeking for the 2014 Beaconsfield Film Festival and I anticipate even better films next year!