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Year 12 Theatre Studies Group

Year 12 Theatre Studies Group perform their exam piece for the Maidenhead Drama Festival

The Year 12 Theatre Studies group did an amazing performance at the Maidenhead Festival last night.  They opened the five night festival off on a stage they don’t know and a big theatre and they did us proud. They performed "Graham: the world;s fastest blind runner" - a true and inspiring story.  They are up against eight other theatre groups which are mostly adult groups and all of the prizes are on Saturday night. The adjudicator at the end gives each individual and the group feedback and this was some of the things she said, yes I sadly wrote it down word for word:

An extremely thought through interpretation

Superb Music

Beautiful photo imagery

Attractive and dramatic

Tristan Waterson - an arresting performance, a terrific central performance

April Walshaw - a tender, sympathetic performance, a touching performance and a generous actor

Charlie Creighton - deeply felt performance, excellent cry from the heart performance, super member of the ensemble

Caleb Johnson - super physical presence-lovely difference in characters, generous, inventive performance (think he was her fave!)

Livvie La Marque- lovely voice, theatrical sense of jumping in and out of character- she knows what shes doing and she does it well

Louis Williams- mature and sympathetic-lovely voice and delivery

Josh Martin- Believable doctor, great ensemble

What was great was the students happily stayed after 10.30 to chat to the adjudicator about how they can improve and handled it all very professionally- as she said they are a ‘terrific group’ please congratulate them around school- and they may win a cup (fingers crossed)

By Ms Bemment, Leader of Drama