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Assessment & Reporting

At The Beaconsfield School students receive a report up to twice a year.  The information in each report will vary per year group, for example Year 11 reports will include PPE grades.  Sample reports are available at the foot of this page.

Key Stage 3 students receive GCSE grades 9-1 for their targets and attainment.  Key Stage 4 students may have a mix of 9-1 or BTEC grades depending on their option choices.  Please see the video at the foot of the page for an explanation of this change.  

Report Terminology

Students receive a target level in all subjects except PSHE and core PE.  

If you would like to know more about our GCSE target setting please see the short video at the foot of this page.


  • There are 4 assessment weeks per year [please see the school calendar for dates] with each group year taking assessments in two of the four weeks.  Subject teachers will set an assessment in each assessment week.  The assessments may take a variety of forms.  These assessments will be structured like a GCSE paper.  
  • In each report students will receive attainment grades - this is the grade that the student has achieved in their latest assessment.
  • These are teacher generated for each reporting period.
  • This grade may go up and down over the key stage.
  • Grades will show a + (the student is consistently working at this level and starting to move towards the next), the number on its own (the student is secure in the level) or - (the student is currently working at the lower end of the level, their grasp of the grade is insecure, and they could drop to the level below if they do not take action)
  • At times in Key Stage 4 and 5 attainment grades will be replaced by a mock/PPE grade.

Predicted Grade

  • Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students also receive predicted grades all year.
  • This is the grade each teacher expects the student to achieve in their final result – if the student continues to work in the same manner as recently.
  • As with attainment, students receive a sub level with their grade.


  • In order to judge the progress your child is making you will need the high expectation charts.  Please note there is a chart for years 7-11 on 9-1 grades and an additional chart for Key Stage 4 students studying  BTECs.
  • Check your child’s target from their report; identify which colour line this is in the expectation chart.  
  • Find what grade your child should be at by looking down the column for latest report.

Behaviour for Learning [BfL]

The Behaviour for Learning grade summarises the student's work ethic / organisation and effort.

  • a - outstanding [green on the report]
  • b  - good
  • c  - not working hard enough
  • d - target [orange on the report]
  • e - at risk [red on the report]

There is a more detailed description of the requirements for each BfL grade at the base of this page.

Behaviour for Learning grades are set using a number of factors:  

  • Classwork, Homework and ongoing Assessment Grades
  • Attendance
  • Student’s attitude and motivation to learn and contribution to class discussions
  • Coursework / Controlled Assessment completion


Students receive a BfL grade for their completion of homework.  The criteria are the same as above.

Key Stage 5

Sixth Form students receive an attainment grade and prediction.

Key Stage 5 students also receive up to 2 codes indicating which skills / strategies to focus on for further improvement as follows:

  • A - improve your attendance
  • C - contribute more in class
  • D - provide more detail in written work
  • EV - increase your evaluative skills
  • EX - improve your exam technique
  • H - Improve your homework
  • IL - increase your independent learning
  • IN - attend intervention / 1:1.
  • MD - meet deadlines
  • ME - motivation and engagement
  • N - numerical skills
  • O - organisation / time management
  • PP - complete past papers / practice exam questions
  • PR - proof read, refine and improve work
  • PS - practical skills
  • S - increase your subject specific knowledge
  • T - allocate appropriate time to your studies
  • WR - wider reading

Video - target setting at TBS




Video - the changes to GCSE grades.



Video - how to read TBS reports and check your child’s progress.