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Conduct and Behaviour

All students on admission to the school sign the Stakeholders Contract agreeing to the school's Code of Conduct. Click on this link to see the full Behaviour for Learning Policy for further details. 

Core Values.

In order for students to demonstrate appropriate behaviour, they need to understand our expectations. These centralise around three core values that we expect from all of our students.

READY means……..

  • Arrive to lessons on time, in the correct uniform and with the correct equipment, including homework.
  • Enter the classroom and get books and equipment out, awaiting the teacher’s instructions.
  • Come with a ‘can do’ attitude to achieving your very best.

RESPECT means…….

Students to demonstrate care and respect for:

  • Their own learning - showing real pride in their presentation.
  • Other people and the learning of others.
  • The school environment.
  • The school's reputation within the local community.

Responsibility means.......

  • Take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour - demonstrating good manners.
  • Be responsible for creating a supportive learning environment.
  • To follow all reasonable instructions given by staff.


If students are demonstrating inappropriate behaviour, they will be encouraged to make the right choice and correct their behaviour.  Staff will employ a variety of behaviour management strategies to enable them to do this.  Great emphasis is placed on the difference between right and wrong and making the right choice.  Although we understand children often learn through making mistakes, should they still choose the wrong pathway then sanctions will be issued, providing further opportunity for reflection and intervention.

Support/Intervention available - The Beaconsfield School prides itself on the high level of care, support and intervention which takes place (the list below is not exhaustive).


Punctuality, Homework, Positive/Negative report, Rewards based 1:1 projects.


SSP (School Support Plan) – meeting with parents, student and school to set specific targets, building in rewards and sanctions.

PSP (Pastoral Support Plan) – as in the SSP but with external agencies involved.

Outreach – 1:1 behaviour management support.

Student Support Officer

1:1/focus group work – organisation to anger management.

Link Worker 1:1 support during term time and school holidays. Strengthening relationships between school and home to identify need and implement appropriate strategies/resources. 

Attendance Focus Group

Addressing attendance issues and making connections between attendance and attainment.

Homework Club

This operates in the Learning Pod daily from  2.45 – 3.45pm.

Sixth Form Community Service

Listeners, readers, e-safety ambassadors, raising boys achievement mentors, stress/exam coaches.

Empathy Project

An arts based project working with severely disabled adults at Seeley’s House to develop empathy and understanding of others.

Low level disruptors course

In-house bespoke courses.

Motivational programmes

In-house bespoke courses.

Academic mentoring

In-house bespoke courses.

Leadership potential courses

In-house bespoke courses.


Vocational/motivational based programmes.

Work experience

Block work experience or weekly agreement.

School counsellor

1:1 support.

School nursing team

1:1 support for health issues including eating disorders, self-harm, sexual health.

Drop in

Weekly drop in centre – manned by a school nurse and Addaction.

Youth Support Trust 1:1/group work

Bespoke courses tailored for individuals/groups based on building emotional resilience, often working with other external agencies such as RUsafe and Addaction.

Nurture Group/Chill Club/FRIENDs Resilience programme

Emotional resilience programme to

help develop protective factors and coping strategies.


Child and Mental Health Team.

Orchard House

The School Room attached to CAMHs.

Police Liaison Officer

Advice and mediation on legal matters and bullying issues.


Drugs counselling.

RU safe

1:1 support for students at risk.

Winston Wishes

Bereavement counselling.

Young Carers

External support/respite for young carers.

In house support group.

Family Resilience

Family support, often around boundaries.

Students will be told during mentor time each week how many Achievement Points they have gained that week and their accumulative score which all goes towards House Points. These will also be communicated home with every report.

Detention System

Please see the attachment for the detention system at The Beaconsfield School.