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Exam Results

Following on from the excellent ‘A’ level and Level 3 BTEC results last week that enabled students to go onto universities of their choice or take up apprenticeships there has been yet more positive news for the GCSE students at TBS.

Well done to all the Year 11 students who worked so hard for their GCSE’s this summer.  Their hard work certainly paid off for them.  I am sure the students who are proud of their outcomes would say, they worked hard, listened, practiced, attended period 7, had a revision plan and above all they kept going and had belief. 

Summary of outcomes

Attainment 8 score 44.1

Progress 8 -0.08

English 4+ 85%  English 5+ 66%
Maths   4+ 77% Maths 5+  47%

5 GCSEs English and Maths 4+ 63%

5 GCSEs English and Maths 5+ 41%

John Fletcher Head Teacher said ‘Today shows what hard work, dedication and belief can deliver. I would like to congratulate every student picking up his or her results today, examinations are never easy and during this turbulent time in the public examination system, it is a pleasure to see so many positive outcomes for individuals.  The results show an overall improvement for the school.  It is always important to remember that these results are about individual effort and determination, so well done to all.’

Some performance of note in terms of outcomes and progress are:

Aiden English Stephens, Dylan Berry, Sara Adallah, Leigh Christie, Evie Hall, Mark Hann, Imogen Hearne, Hammad Javed, Rachel Bradely, Jamine Brown, Daniel Stec, Molly Stevenson, Sadia Monia, Alex Upward and Lorna Judge. 

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