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Year Groups

Please select the relevant year group in the tabs for information for your year group.

Year 7 8 9 10 11 6th Form
Year Leader
Mrs N Hodgson
Miss K Edgecombe
Mr A Modebe
Mrs C Collingridge
Mr B Sarsfield
Mrs E Young

Bussell House Leader

Miss Ellie Wilson Miss Vicky Thornes Miss C Rhodes/Miss S Hackett Mr A Woodley Miss H Ashby Mr A Campbell

Hockney House Leader

Mrs M McHugh Miss L Spiers Ms E Herrara Ms J McIvor Mr Tidswell & Mrs E Millar Mrs V Elrick
Mackintosh House Leader
Miss R McBride Mr R King Mr D Nicholas Miss E Pick Mr Ricketts & Mrs Cowburn  

McCartney House Leader

Mr O Gbadamosi Miss V Holt Miss H Robinson Mr C Cooper Mrs S West & Mrs K Gough Miss R Gohel

Rowling House Leader

Miss S Bates Mr G Sheldrake Mrs A Smith Mrs K Semmens Mr B August Mr P Robinson

Associate Mentors

Mrs A Kelly Mrs D McDonald  

Ms V Tomarchio

on a Mon, Tues & Fri

Mrs N Reece

Mr K Tukoo